Your home is considered one of the most important assets you will purchase during your life.  It is one huge investment – there is no denying that.  Beyond the financial aspect, there is also an emotional component.

It is the place where young couples start their family; where dreams are realized, love and comfort expressed. The home serves as a shelter on stormy days, the heat of summer, and the cold of winter.  Families grow here and you will become attached to your home in so many ways.

That is why it is vitally important to ensure you have your home inspected by a certified home inspector prior to signing a contract and taking on this 30-year obligation.  While a home inspection will be required by your lender, you will want to make sure that you trust the home inspector to be more than just a cursory review for your mortgage.

After all, it is your investment at stake and the health and happiness of your family for decades to come.  Call us today to get your home inspection scheduled.



Home Inspection Connection is proud to partner with trusted businesses across the United States. While real estate is a very local business, we often receive referrals from folks looking to move to the Denver area.  At the same time, when any of our past customers are moving out of the area, we have developed tremendous relationships with other real estate companies, home service contractors, realtors, and lenders.  The companies listed below come with our highest recommendation. If you have any problems in dealing with these companies, please let us know so that we can address the issue also. Our reputation is at stake when we put our name on a recommendation.

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