For the new home buyer, you’ll want to make sure that the house your buying is in suitable condition. If you’re going to be living there for many years to come, you’ll want to make sure there are no issues that you are unaware that could make it an unpleasant living situation. And if you are taking out a mortgage, the bank will want to know that their investment is a safe one.

For the home seller, a home inspection might give you the opportunity to fix issues before a real estate agent or prospective buyer sees them. This will also help you get a better perspective on what your house may actually be worth.

While there are many obvious ommissions of quality during home construction, a certified home inspector’s true value comes from finding issues beneath the surface that you may not notice as a homeowner until the problem expands to affect other home systems and costs you tens of thousands in repair or replacement costs.

While most homeowners talk about possible mold or inefficient windows and doors, but an increasingly prevalent problem in NoCal is dry rot. We recently spoke with Johnathan Thims with Sacramento Handyman about the upward trend in rot cases that they are tackling. Mr. Thims noted that most of these older homes have not been inspected recently from an energy efficiency standpoint and the particularly wet 2017 has caused issues that may have been in hiding for years. For more tips on repairing rot and keeping your homes value at its peak, we recommend you call the Sacramento Handyman or be on the lookout for their booth at the upcoming Capital Homeowners Expo.

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